Free Hot Water from the sun

We are focused on helping our domestic and commercial customers reduce their electricity costs with Solar PV, Energy Storage, LED and Power Factor correction. Earthwise Products Ltd has an ongoing commitment to develop, manufacture and distribute innovative products to the global renewables market.Earthwise Products Ltd supports British manufacturing and holds a strong belief in superbly engineered products and high quality components. Tested to CE, IEC and Australian Standards.  

Iain McRitchie, Managing Director at Earthwise Products Ltd, comments, “The time of the year and change in FIT payments means that this is a great time for installers to revisit existing customers and sell the benefits of maximising their PV investment with a SOLiC200.

The SOLiC200 automatically provides free hot water from new and existing PV panels, by offering the home’s excess solar energy to the immersion heater circuit instead of allowing it to be exported to the grid. It is the most efficient device of its kind on the market as it operates with a zero export threshold saving hundreds of dollars more than its main competitors over its lifetime. 

The SOLiC200 is manufactured in the UK and complies with CE and British Standards. The unit has been engineered to last the life of a solar installation.

247 Energy Australian Agents

Australian Owned and Operated.We believe that high quality materials and components coupled with dedicated service and technical support offers greater value long-term over price.
Australia can be a harsh environment so choosing the best quality is vital.

Earthwise have award-winning products and innovation. 247 Energy was established over 10 years ago with renewable energy experience dating back to 1990’s, We support, help install and distribute Australian and European quality products.




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