The SOLiC200 automatically converts energy generated by your existing Solar PV panels into hot water by intelligently diverting unused power to the immersion heater before it’s exported to the electricity supply grid.

  • Easy Installation by a qualified electrician
  • Typically in under one hour
  • Without the need for plumbing alterations
  • Simple to use and maintenance free
  • Great Investment

  • The SOLiC200 is a proportional controller
  • Diverts energy to the Immersion heater
  • Zero export threshold
  • Engineered to last for 25 years
  • Compact and robust

  • Aluminium casing to prevent corrosion
  • Engineered in the UK
  • Boost function
  • Fully sealed unit
  • Saving you hundreds of dollars

Watch the Video

Watch the SOLiC200 at work as it diverts your energy being generated by a solar PV installation to an immersion heater – and stops the electricity meter.

Reduces your CO2 emissions

Requires no plumbing alterations

Works even on cloudy days

Installs quickly and easily

Provides hot water in remote locations

Uses compact and robust aluminium construction to prevent corrosion


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How it works

The SOLiC200  has been designed, constructed and fully tested in Britain to the highest CE standards for a 25 year lifespan. The unit can be installed quickly and easily by a qualified electrician typically in under one hour without the need for plumbing alterations.

SOLiC200 technical specification
Operation voltage: 230VAC mains single phase 50Hz.
Mains voltage: 205 – 260VAC.
Power consumption: 0.025W (at 230VAC).

Active current: 0.005A
Transfer efficiency: 99.6% (at max power).
Max load current surge: 600A for 10ms.
Continuous load current: 13A.
Mains frequency tolerance at 50Hz: nominally 2Hz.
Operating temperature: 0C to 60C.

Storage temperature: –20C to +75C.
Operating and storage humidity: 10 to 90%, non condensing.
Max impact force: 12G.
Lightning and ESD protection: to 1.8kV.
Current tracking accuracy: better than 90%.

Export threshold: 0W.
Audible noise emissions: below 10dBA.



Remote Boost

Robust Aluminium Casing

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The SOLiC200 must be fitted by a fully qualified and licensed electrician in accordance with all Australian, State-Territory standards and regulations. You will require an electrician’s testing  and compliance certificate in the event of a warranty claim and a copy of the supply or Installation invoice.